A fruity and delicious Merlot enhanced by the bright taste of sweet ripe blackberries.

Get out your favorite dress and invite all your friends—everyone loves a cocktail party. Try your hand at hosting and make Wild Vines the main event.

The Wild Vines Cocktail Party
Light those votives, turn on the music and get ready to greet the guests. Here’s what to have on hand:

Variety of glasses
Several glass pitchers
Bar spoon
Sharp knife
Cutting board
Ice scoop
Clean towels
Lemons, limes and berries
Blender or metal shaker
Wild Vines—all flavors

To find out where Wild Vines is sold in your area,
use our Wine Finder.

  Drink Recipe
Your friends will love Blackberry Twirl!

8 oz. Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot, chilled
4 oz. Strawberry juice or nectar
4 oz. Orange juice
1 tray Ice cubes

Pour the Blackberry Merlot into a large pitcher. Add strawberry and orange juice, then stir gently. Serve over ice and garnish with an orange slice or strawberry in each glass.

Serves 4
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